Patrones de consumo

Our Western material culture — disconnected from the principles of sustainable development —is lacking a wider perspective of the links between the various elements within the system of consumption, and we are thus ignoring the relationship between the patterns of consumption and their consequences. S. Ulicka Nuestra cultura material occidental […]


Eco-efficiency is achieved by the delivery of competitively priced goods and services that satisfy human needs and bring quality of life, while progressively reducing ecological impacts and resource intensity throughout the life-cycle to a level at least in line with the Earth’s estimated carrying capacity. World Business Council for Sustainable […]

Estrategias innovadoras

The result of an innovative strategy that shifts the center of business from the design and sale of (physical) products alone, to the offer of product and service systems that are together able to satisfy a particular demand. E. Manzini y C. Vezzoli El resultado de una estrategia innovadora que […]

Sistemas y sus componentes

A systems approach involves examining the connections and relationships between objects and events as much as the objects and events themselves. Changes in one component of the system will lead to changes in another, which in turn may lead to changes elsewhere. Interactions occur between system components that may cause […]

Protección y mejora del medio ambiente

The protection and improvement of the human environment is a major issue which affects the well-being of people and economic development throughout the world; it is the urgent desire of the people of the whole world and the duty of all governments. United Nations Environment Programme La protección y mejora […]

El valor de la Sostenibilidad

Although sustainability often is marked by environmental causes and protest campaigns, its values represent a broad context of issues that have spread underground in all sectors of society throughout the world. A. Edwards A pesar de que la sostenibilidad está marcada comúnmente por causas ambientales y campañas protestantes, sus valores […]

Desarrollo Sostenible

El desarrollo sostenible es una necesidad, siempre y cuando esté entendido no solamente como un esfuerzo de proteger el medioambiente, sino como una idea transformativa de los valores, objetivos y sistemas de convivencia de las sociedades actuales. S. Ulicka

Revolución Sostenible

The Sustainability Revolution presents an alternative that supports economic viability and healty ecosystems by modifying consumption patterns and implementing a more equitable social framework. A. Edwards La Revolución Sostenible presenta una alternativa que apoya la viabilidad económica y los ecosistemas saludables al modificar los patrones de consumo e implementar un […]

Impacto de la Revolución Sostenible

The Sustainability Revolution draws its significance and global impact from a wide spectrum of interests with common fundamental values. Like the Industrial Revolution, the Sustainability Revolution is far-reachingand is having a profound impact, shaping everything from the places we live and work to the foods we eat and the endeavors […]

La Cultura de Diseño

Today´s omnipotent design culture [..] plays a comprehensive role in suggesting and/or setting new values and, hence, inculcating societal change. Whosoever controls the designers – in modern capitalism that role generally falls to business and government – controls to large degree the expressions and evolution of the design culture. A. […]

El objetivo del diseño como profesión

It appears that as a profession, we are struggling with the fact that design is linked to ever-growing productivity, which in fact cannot form the basis of sustainable development. In the end, the aim is to increase economic growth on a planet with finite resources, which just does not make […]

El daño de los cable negros en el diseño

Black rubber-coated cables are a particularly damaging design choice – black is invisible to the optical sensors that control recycling plants, so it gets automatically sent to landfill. Designers need to take more time and trouble to ensure products can be disposed of and recycled responsibly. A. Rawsthorn

Cambios económicos estructurales y de valores

Frente a las tasas de crecimiento exponencial en la producción no hay “revolución de la eficiencia” que aguante el tirón. No bastan las soluciones tecnológicas; hacen falta cambios económicos estructurales y cambios profundos de valores. Es decir, suficiencia y justicia además de eficiencia. El desarrollo sostenible no es un asunto […]

Perfiles de usuarios adoptados

Until now the user profile adopted is mainly one of a lazy person, a subject whose only tendency is to avoid effort and care. This passive attitude is, for sure, a strong component of every human being, but it is not the only one. Human beings can also be active […]

Pensamiento abductivo

El pensamiento abductivo permite la definición de los posibles escenarios de los comportamientos de los usuarios regidos por valores, en lugar de que el proceso de diseño esté enfocado en cumplir los resultados asumidos con base en el pensamiento analítico. Esto implica que el proceso de diseño se revierte, empezando […]

El papel del Diseño Industrial

Rather than viewing aesthetics as a direct aim, it can also be considered as an outcome of an approach to product design that has different objectives. Industrial design can then focus on the meanings of material culture and thus develop and evolve. Ironically, in doing so, aesthetic definition will also […]

Quote of the day

There are professions more harmful than industrial design, but only a few of them. And possibly only one profession is phonier. Advertising design, is persuading people to buy things they don´t need, with money they don´t have, in order to impress others who don´t care. V. Papanek

Profesiones dañinas

Hay profesiones que son más dañinas que el diseño industrial, pero muy pocas. Y probablemente solo haya una profesión que sea mas insincera. El diseño publicitario, dedicado a convencer a la gente para que compre cosas que no necesita con dinero que no tiene para impresionar a personas a quienes […]